Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Meal 5 (8:30 pm)- Myoplex chocolate mint shake

Meal 4 (5:00 pm)- I don't know what got into me with this one...Actually I do know...when I start eating so late (10 a.m.) I occasionally make a less than perfect choice later in the day...

1 bowl Kashi Go Lean cereal + handful almonds + 1 cup unsweetened soy milk + generous drizzle honey

It looks healthy, but this is too many calories, carbs, sugar, and fat for one meal for someone my size (doesn't fall into the 40/40/20 ratio ...not even close)....oh well, it's not an every day thing, and it was scrumptous while it lasted!

Meal 3 ( 3 pm)- Spinach salad w/broccoli, tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, cucumbers + 1 serving tomato basil extra firm tofu + 1/2 cup edamame + 1 tbsp. Neman's Own light vinagrette & extra red wine vinegar as dressing + 1 serving EAS Betagen
I can easily eat this tofu.....really tasty and good texture! Loving this!

Meal 2 ( 12:30 pm)- La Tortilla Factory tortilla + spinach, asparagus, red peppers, squash, mushrooms + 1/4 cup reduced fat feta cheese + evoo mist + 1 tbsp. reduced fat parmesan cheese

Key to making a good flatbread...stack up the fresh veggies and spray them with evoo mist.
Jazzy....aka. Fatty Pork Chops... Quite the camera angle to highlight her physique. Sunday's Meal 1 (10 am)- 1 cup egg whites w/mushroom, onions & peppers + 1 slice Ezekiel toast w/ 1 tbsp. sugar free strawberry preserves + EAS Betagen & Glutamine + multivitamin & 2 glucososamine/MSM

It probably makes no sense whatsoever to eat so clean with the egg whites and Ezekiel bread and then add chemical laden sugar free preserves. The fact is that I just try to moderate with stuff like this. I cut it out when I can and try to avoid artificial sweeteners when possible, but I allow it in some things where I think the benefit outweighs the risks. I was craving jelly and I didn't want to put a ton of sugar in my body. My hope is that it won't kill me to have every once in a while in certain things, if I eat enough other good clean foods with tons of antioxidants.

Meal 5 (9:30 pm)- Protein Oatmeal: 1/2 cup (dry measured) oatmeal + 1 scoop EAS chocolate whey protein + 1 packet stevia + 2 tbsp. slivered almonds....really good after meal 4 let down....might have to do this one more! yum!

WARNING: If you ever see a place called "Souper Salad" and think about eating there, DON'T DO IT! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Run the other way as fast as you can!

While this might not look too frightening, I assure you this place was SCARY. The salad ended up being edible (after I bathed in some antibacterial I found near the register), but they had no vegetarian proteins whatsoever, only one type of bean for anything remotely composed of protein, and I'm pretty sure the soup had at least 1000 mg of sodium in every bite, not to mention I know it had full fat cream in it. Hubby and I felt like we were in a bad movie or something eating was quite surreal. I was starving and so I did eat the salad, but we are never going back there! Learn from us, and stay far away!!!

Meal 4 (7:30)- spinach salad w/ onions, tomatoes, zuccini, carrots, marinated mushrooms, broccoli, kidney beans + fat free italian dressing + a few bites of tomato basil soup...I really struggled on this one...(Insert 1 hour massage here from 6-7 pm...thus eating meal 4 late)

Meal 3 (3:45)- SO yummy! Huge spring mix salad w/ 1 cup diced gala apples + 1/4 cup reduced fat feta cheese + 1 tbsp. sunflower seeds + 20 sprays Kens raspberry walnut spritzer dressing Meal 2 (12:45 pm)- Yes it is what you think it is....leftover vegetarian lasagna! (last piece, except for the rest which I froze) + side salad w/ 15 sprays Kens all natural raspberry walnut spritzer The world's best tortillas in my humble opinion... Meal 1 (10 am)- La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla + 3/4 cup egg beaters w/spinach,mushrooms,onions,peppers + 1 serving EAS Betagen & Glutamine + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM
Well this weekend started off ok, despite the fact that I somehow have put myself in a position to be fighting back two minor issues. One started a week ago...Last Friday evening when I went for a jog and took a water bottle to practice running with one in my hand. It seems that somehow I managed to tweak my wrist without even knowing it at the time. It's been sore ever since. I've been icing it on and off, taking Advil, the whole regular protocol, and it just keeps getting worse. I'm self diagnosing it as tendonitis, and I am just hoping that it gets better soon. I didn't even want to run today, because I didn't want it bouncing as my arms pumped, so I did HIIT on the stationary bike at the gym instead. I lifted super heavy yesterday and went heavy with bench pressing and did multiple sets of push-ups until failure, but it didn't bother it at all, but now it's back to being annoying. So, tomorrow, I'm going to buy a neoprene wrist brace to wear. I hate admitting that I might have a slight injury, and even worse that it could have originated from running with a freaking water bottle...ha ha!...but I'm pretty sure that is what started this whole wrist issue. At this point, I think I am not going to even try taking water to this 1/2 marathon and just chewing gum and stopping for water when I need to. This whole water bottle thing is turning into quite the fiasco! Besides that, My right knee has also been a little achy, but I'm used to that acting up. I just know when it does this, that I can't do any plyometric type exercises and have to take a day or two off of running, so that it doesn't get worse. I love being active, but I also know exactly when my body is trying to tell me something. I'm not about to do something stupid and put myself out of the game for good.

Other than that, weekend is going well. I just got my first article approved to be published on, so I'm excited about being part of their writing team! I'm hoping my wrist gets better soon (typing aggravates it too), so I can write more this week. Hubby leaves tomorrow for business for 5 days, so don't be surprised if you see some creative food combos this week. If I am only feeding myself, I've been known to pair some strange things together! On that note, I'm going to take some Advil, rub some Bengay on, and call it a night. I sound like such and old lady...except I can't even knit with an injured wrist! ha ha!


  1. are you noticing weight loss/inches lost since your going veg for a bit? id like to see what effect it has on your body!

  2. Hi D-Star! No, no weight loss....although I should probably point out that I'm not trying to lose weight. If I was trying to lose weight, you'd see less fat and carbs in my diet most liekly and I'd be adhering to 1/2 cup carb portions at every meal. I've been eating an abundance of carbs and also fats since I started this vegetarian adventure, so I don't expect to see any weight loss. My focus is on building strength right now, so I'm just hoping to gain strength over the next month if anything. I'm happy where I'm at physically, so I'm not looking to lose weight really. Again, if I was looking to lose weight (as I did some time ago when doing the Body for LIFE Challenge), there would be a more strict approach taken here. This blog is definitely not a "how to" for anyone looking to lose weight. If anything, it might outline a "how to" for someone looking to maintain a BFL lifestyle who is already at their goal weight.

    I'm interested to see if there are any physical changes as well, but I'm not really measuring accurately either. I'm still wearing the same size, so all is well in my world:-D

  3. I know what you mean about Souper Salad - I'm often disappointed if I ever go there, which is only when I'm meeting friends who've chosen the place. We don't have the place you usually go to - Fresh-something??

    Your flatbread pizzas always look SO GOOD!! I definitely need to make one.

    The last meal you ate didn't look too bad-calorie wise??

  4. Haley- The cereal meal was about 500 calories and 16 grams of fat, and over 60 g of carbs....too much for one meal for me. Not the end of the world...just saying...not the best choice possible.:) Yes, I'm addicted to the flatbreads!!!

  5. Oh didn't look like that at all! Looks can be deceiving I guess. :) You're right though - not the end of the was all healthy. :)