Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Defense of Food

Pre-Workout (6 am)- Started the day off right with EAS Catapult

Meal 1 (8 am)- EAS Muscle Armor + Whey Protein Isolate + Cream of Wheat packet w/cinnamon & 1 packet Sun Crystals (liking this new all natural's stevia and pure cane sugar mixed...5 cal, 1 g carb, 1 g sugar) + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM

Meal 2 (11 am)- Had the BEST flatbread, but didn't realize I didn't have my camera card in the camera..duh!

Veggie & Cheese Rosemary Flatbread: 1 Rosemary La Tortilla Factory tortilla + 1/4 cup fat free ricotta cheese spread evenly + tons of fresh spinach, asparagus & mushrooms piled high + evoo mist + 1/4 cup fat free Kraft shredded mozarella cheese + McCormick basil & garlic seasoning

Meal 3 (2:30 pm)- Huge spring mix salad w/ shredded carrots, chopped celery + 1/2 diced granny smith apple + 1/4 cup diced strawberries + 20 sprays Ken's all natural raspberry walnut vinagrette spritzer dressing + 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
I was really brave and decided to try my 2nd attempt at making tofu. This time I used EXTRA FIRM Nasoya Organic Tofu (much better!)

Meal 4 (6 pm)- Tofu teriyaki steaks + baby bok choy

Yay! This was actually really good! I rather enjoyed this... had only 3 ingredients and was super easy to make. A little salty even with low sodium soy sauce, but I like the texture of the extra firm way more than the firm that I tried last time. This was a success!

Meal 5 (8:30)- Going to have either a Myoplex shake or protein oatmeal...not sure yet

My new book that goes in line with everything else I've been reading lately.

Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants....very good advice!

I couldn't wait to start reading my new book, and I found some time today to do just that. The author writes in a tone which forces me to read it carefully. He speaks with a somewhat sarcastic tone while talking about events that have occured pertaining to the food industry. I had to stop a couple times and re-read to see if he was joking or being for real. Some of the humor is more obvious than other parts.
It's been a pretty good history lesson so far with tidbits of interesting information about things that have occurred over the past century...all with the underlying theme that what we now consider food is mostly "fake food" and it takes the reader through the progression that has led our nation to the point that it's at now. Most interesting so far is the perspective that he gives on "nutritionism" as a business that been a guiding force behind much of our approach to curing disease, albeit a not-so-successful one at that. I'd never thought about it this way, but he brings up a point that "nutrients" now seem to dominate everything (carbs, fats, proteins) rather than actual "food".....highlights a lot of the self-defeatist approaches that our society uses to cure/prevent chronic disease and points out studies which show just the opposite of what we are all told to you in relation to cardiovascular diseases, etc....all with the same theme that was in The China Study....that basically there are tons of studies out there showing these "health claims" to be untrue, but the $$ behind the corporate food companies, government entities, and the like have managed to successfully sweep the info. under the rug.

On page 41, he talks about various studies proving that low-fat/low-cholesterol diets are not sound measures to prevent heart disease (the real cause is hydrogenated fats or trans fats). I liked this part. He says.... "I was flabbergasted at the news too, because no one in charge-not in the government, not in the public health community-has dared to come out and announce: Um, you know everything we've been telling you for the last thirty years about the links between dietary fat and heart disease? And fat and cancer? And fat and fat? Well, this just in: It now appears that none of it was true. We sincerely regret the error. "

He goes on to talk about how food companies profit off of any little health claim they can cling on to and which is hot for the moment, like Omega fats right now. I already knew about companies like Eggland's Best getting the extra Omega's into their eggs by the feed they give the chickens, but I wasn't aware that companies are now trying to feed pigs flaxseed and fish oil as a way to possibly get more Omegas into hot dogs, just so they can them put a ridiculous health claim on hot dogs. Ridonculous!
I will admit that some of the food I eat is "fake food"....I guess supplements and protein shakes would fall into that category? Reading this book is sparking some socratic thinking about some of the things I eat or drink, but I still contend that using supplements as part of a sports nutrition regigmen is NOT the same thing as eating a diet that is filled with processed foods and refined's like comparing apples to just can't lump those things together. I know how I FEEL when I eat prcoessed fake food that has high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, and a whole laundry list of other ingredients. You won't find a single thing in my house with either of those things on the labels. I also know how I FEEL when I take supplements as part of a healthy diet that is filled with nutritious fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. I think it's all about finding a balance and listening to your body.

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