Monday, September 21, 2009

Manic Monday

Meal 5 (6:30 pm)- 3/4 cup fat free cottage cheese + 1 diced gala apple
Meal 4 (4 pm)- spinach salad w/tomato basil tofu + heaping 1/2 cup edamame + broccoli, cucumbers, tomotoes, red peppers, red onions + 2 tbsp. Newman's Own light vinagrette
Meal 3 (1 pm)- Myoplex Lite RTD
Meal 2 (10 am)- 3/4 cup egg beater w/mushrooms, onions & peppers + 1/3 cup (dry measured) oatmeal + 1/3 cup fresh blueberries

Meal 1 (8 am)- EAS Muscle Armor + Whey Protein Isolate (not pictured)...on the fly

Where or where has the day gone?! Just another manic Monday I guess. I was browsing upcoming topics to write about for last night, and low and behold found one titled "A High-Protein Vegetarian Diet". I just so happen to know a thing or two about that!

Outside of training and writing, I'm excitedly gearing up for my trip to CA this weekend. woo hoo! Hubby flies back from his business trip just in enough time to hop on a plane with me for a weekend getaway to northern CA. We had free flights that were going to expire anyhoo, and so we figured we may as well take a little weekend trip rather than letting them expire (like they usually always do... unused).

It will be my first time traveling as a vegetarian, so it should be interesting, but my plan is to stick with the vegetarian eating while traveling. Meals will be on point this whole work week for sure. I will not be adhering to BFL eating every 3 hours on a strict schedule while traveling, but that is what is so GREAT about BFL! It's about still being able to live and enjoy life without having to feel guilty about it! I do plan to stick with the vegetarian eating though, because I want to see how I am challenged to stick with it. My normal saving grace while traveling is typically tuna packets w/triscuits, which I will obviously not be able to eat this time, so I'll have to think of at least a couple different options to take for the plane and airport instead. Good thing that cheese and crackers just happens to compliment a day at the wineries perfectly!

The focus right now and for the next 4 days during this week is to eat super clean, according to schedule, to have an intense LBWO Wednesday, and complete all scheduled runs this week for 1/2 marathon training. I've been super busy today, so haven't gotten too creative with the food, but I'll post it anwyays. I'm excited to try out the wild rice tempeh this week, maybe tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great start to a great week!

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