Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Leave Home Without It...iPod Almost Meltdown

Meal 4 (6:30 pm)- 1/2 broiled salmon filet + 1 bag Bird's Eye Steamfresh Asian Medley (my favorite Steamfresh, even though it's loaded with sodium) + parmesan cheese (weird for asian I know, but I like parmesan on anything and everything) + side of Airborne of course!
Snack while making dinner (6:15 pm)- The smell of the salmon is making me ravenous. I don't care, I'm going to eat some deli least it's better than the bag of almonds that is staring at me on the counter which could lead to multiple handfuls if I don't do something quick! he he

Snack (5 pm)- broccoli & 2 tbsp. Newman's Own light vinagrette- still hungry apparently....probably because I waited 4 hours to eat last time!...
never fails to mess me up when I do and learn!
Meal 3 (3:30...oops very late)- BBQ Chicken Flatbread- Flat Out Light Flatbread + spinach, mushrooms, red onions & evoo mist + about 1/2 cup chicken breast (tossed in 1 tbsp. Whole Foods chipotle citrus BBQ sauce) + 1/4 cup Kraft 2% reduced fat shredded mozarella + side of Airborne + 1 serving EAS Betagen

Meal 2 (11:30 am): Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup- (chicken broth + Barilla Plus whole grain rotini pasta + some leftover garbanzo beans + sliced carrots & onions + leftover shredded chicken breast) + side of Airborne (it looks like a science experiment but it works) & lemon lime Zevia ....who says it's expensive to eat healthy?! I made a huge pot of this stuff and it couldn't have costed more than $5 total.

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am slightly addicted to Zevia. I usually try to ration them more than this, as they are pretty pricey, but the nice people at Zevia recently sent me an entire case for FREE, so I am indulging in them freely for now.

Meal 1 (8:30 am): 1/2 cantaloupe (they must be in season somewhere, because they are so fabulous and cheap right now!) + 1 shake (1 cup crushed ice + 1 packet Myoplex Carb Sense vanilla cream + 1 serving EAS Betagen + 1 1/2 tsp. EAS Glutamine + 1 cup water) + side of Airborne + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM

It's funny how much little things can sometimes remind us of things we need to work on as human beings. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I can't help but start thinking about what the deeper reasons might be when our psyche causes us to react certain ways in certain situations. This morning made me think of how much of a fish out of water I become when I am thrown a curve ball to my "plan". Got to the gym this morning pumped to do a long run (at least long for me) as part of my 1/2 marathon training. Got on the treadmill and realized my iPod shuffle was left on all night and was completely zapped of juice. I immediately went into panic mode until I remembered that I had a back up iPod in my gym bag. I fished for it frantically, plugged in my headphones, and still nothing! I removed my headphones to take a quick listen to what was playing on the gym radio and could feel my anxiety starting to build as I tried to picture myself running to the Jessica Simpson song that I might be forced to endure. I briefly started to freak out, turned to my hubby with the usual puppy dog eyes and helpless stare that I get (it's uncontrollable...I can't help it), and wimpered , "What am I going to do?" "Ask the girl at the front if she has music," he says as calmly as he always does when I am frantic about something. I really don't like asking for people's help, especially when I know it's because of my own poor planning, but the thought of not being able to adhere to my "plan" was more than I could bear and I decided it was worth a try. "Sure," she says and whips out her shuffle in about 2 seconds flat. Woo hoo! I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders! "Thank YOU a million times over!!!" You'd think I had just won the lottery! I realized as I walked back to the treadmill what a basket case I am if I am threatened by A) not being able to adhere to my morning workout routine and B) being forced to listen to bad music while doing so. It also made me think to why I am such a creature of habit, and the roots of this type of "freak out" behavior that started as a child. I contend to this day that it stemmed from having parents who were a tad bit overcontrolling, thus leading to my perfectionism problem, and need to plan every little thing almost down to the minute. It's not all bad....I may not have completed my MS with a 4.0 if I wasn't the way I am, but I can recognize the ridiculosity (not sure if that is a word, but if it's not then is should be), of the reaction I had just thinking about running without an iPod. Too funny :-D

...on a side note about the above, I just want to set the record straight on one thing right up front. Yes, I realize some people don't even have legs to run or aren't healthy enough to run, and here I am whining about not having an iPod to run. I just want to let everyone know that I thank God every single hour of the day for all that he's given me. I am not someone who has led a sheltered life, and I have definitely have had my fair share of hard times, so please realize this is a lighthearted commentary....I CAN make fun of myself with ease...and it's not to be taken too literally by any means.....and back to my blog...

I'm happy to report that I had my BEST run yet! Ended up running 6.22 miles in 60:08 time. I really need to start running outdoors to prepare for this 1/2 marathon in mid Nov. Today's run was the longest I've done, and that isn't even half as much as the 1/2 will be. Plus I am really needing to practice running with a water bottle somehow, rather than just having it handy in the cup holder on the treadmill. I tried a running belt and couldn't wait to rip it off the last time I ran outdoors, so it's time to start thinking about plan B for hydration while running at the 1/2.

Came home, started sneezing, and felt immediately like I was hit by a mack truck. Not sure if it's from yeseterday's flu shot, or if I finally caught whatever bug hubby had, but I am now zapped of energy, having chills, and will be taking massive amounts of Airborne, vitamins, and drinking loads of water to bring this to a halt before it takes hold. The last thing I need is a cold right now. Good thing I already made homemade chicken noodle soup for hubby's dinner last night....mmmmm....makes me wonder what is the cure all for vegetarians when they are sick if they can't eat chicken noodle soup!


  1. oh no i hope you don't get a full on illness! ick. good call on the airborne. too funny about the ipod, i love your improvisation. super smart! and great time on the run. but you are right, running outside is sooo much different than the treadmill. it is so hard! i guess veggies would just have to eat noodle soup? haha.

  2. Em - My hubby runs 1/2 marathons and uses a medium sized water bottle with a mesh sleeve on it. Essentially its like holding it in your hand but the sleeve "fastens" it to your hand with a band so that you aren't actively holding it. He could never run with a belt. He got it at the running store near us but I'm sure its fairly common. This is similar.

    He also has discovered that gatorade (with calories) not the light is good for the sustained energy needs.

  3. Yes I think one of those hand held things might be the best option for me...will have to look into those very soon!

    Thanks for the kudos on the improvisation. The last time I did something like that I was stuck at the car dealership with a giant salad and no dressing (while staring at a giant plate of cookies and muffins to boot)...I actually ended up scoring some light vinagrette from the employee break room and managed to save my ass that time too. ha ha! No shame in trying to stay healthy right? :-D

  4. OMG Em, I totally know what you mean about not being able to run w/o an IPOD.

    I recently purchased the new IPOD shuffle (the one that talks) and was so excited about the new device. I fully charged it, put a great play list on, and went for my run. All of a sudden, about 20 minutes into my run...the volume turned way down and none of the controls were working...I had a mini panic attack.

    I turned it off, back on...tried everything but it just wouldn't budge. I figured it was a mini glitch and thought it had something to do with the battery so I charged it the entire next day/evening and I went for another run convinced it would work and the SAME exact thing happened 25 minutes in.

    I went online and it turns out there are hundreds of comments on Apple Forums that claimed the same thing happened to them. Appparently no moisture can get into the specialized headphones but the device only lets you use those specific headphones. Hello?! Shuffles are for excersise...people sweat and go outdoors in mist when they exercise!

    I exchanged it for the old model and it works great. :-) Don't buy the new shuffle!


    Btw, have you tried running with a Camel Pak? They are great, especially when you tie them tight to your chest and back, you don't even really feel it.


  5. ha ha! I had not clue there WAS a new iPOD! Happy someone can relate to my addiction:-D And yes I have considered a Camel Pak. When I've asked other runners about using one at sporting goods places, they all look at me like I'm very uncool and say, "Uh no runners don't use those." Seems like it would make the most sense to me....go figure.

  6. Anyone who is used to running with an ipod knows how traumatic it can be when you discover it's either out of batteries, you've left your headset at home (and there are no others around) or you left it at home all together. I sympathize!! I don't think you're necessarily whining about that while not also realizing how lucky you are. You've always proclaimed how grateful you are and how much you thank God for everything! I doubt anyone reading your blog would think otherwise.

    I hope you feel better! For some reason when I run outside I find I can go a lot longer without having sips of water. When I'm on the treadmill and my bottle is right there, however, I feel like I have to constanty drink. That doesn't really help does it! :)

  7. Hi! Just found your blog...looks good. Can't wait to read more!