Saturday, October 10, 2009

TGI my last Friday as a Vegetarian

And so...this is my last Friday as a true vegetarian. This whole vegetarian experiemnt has been interesting, and I really do feel like I've learned something new every single day of it, whether it is finding and trying a new food, making new combinations of food that are balanced with proteins and carbs, dealing with struggles presented by being vegetarian, or just experiencing the way that different foods make me feel. I will be up front and say right now that I don't plan on staying completely vegetarian once my month long stint is over. I'll get into more of a summary of the whole experienece in my next post, but as for now, I will say that I'll probably continue on a path of eating that is mainly pesco-vegetarian. I cannot live without fish. Nor can I live without egg whites. I definitely don't see myself ever becoming Vegan, but I surprisingly don't miss chicken that much at all....mostly just really missing seafood. So, here is last Friday as a vegetarian...Hope I don't bore you too much with my food today.....was a bit lazy on the creativity and preparation front and just throwing stuff together. Look for my long final post on living as a vegetarian to come soon! :)

Pre- Workout (6 am)- EAS Catapult

Didn't expect my breakfast to be smiling at me this morning...he he

Meal 1 (8 am)- 2 Morningstar Farms maple sausage patties + 1/2 cup egg whites (this is what happens when I don't have pre-chopped containers of veggies in the fridge ready to throw into things...plain egg whites) + EAS Muscle Armor + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM
Tried another new variety of vegetarian sausages, this time maple....really yummy and made the whole house smell like maple. I thought that the serving size was 2 patties, but just realized that only 1 of these tiny little things has 10 g of protein....holy cow! No wonder I was so full yesterday morning!
Meal 2 (11 am)- AdvantEDGE RTD + small gala apple + 12 unsalted almonds

The Whole Foods checkout isle got me again with their enticing little dark chocolate squares. The tub of two bite brownies were also calling my name, but they remained on the shelf. I've found that dark chocolate is WAY more satisfying than baked good and doesn't cause me to just crave more later. This really does a good job of satisfying my sweet tooth.

Meal 3 ( 2 pm)- Whole Foods Tofu Satay -grilled tofu, peppers, bok choy & steamed brown rice w/ their "special peanut sauce".

I must say that for the first time EVER I was disappointed with something from Whole Foods, mainly because of their so-called special peanut sauce. I've had satay from plenty of other places and this stuff was completely watered down to the point that it made my meal a bit soupy and watery with not much flavor. Bland doesn't begin to describe this. I wanted to try a different tofu dish today, but in the future I will definitely stick with the tofu teriyaki bowl instead. You cannot go wrong with the teriyaki bowls at Whole Foods., absolute favorite!

Meal 4(5 pm)- Wondering what I can eat that doesn't require any effort..just need some eat something quickly...a couple cups of raw broccoli & 2 tbsp. Newman's Own light protein here. I could have eaten some cheese with this for some protein, but I just wasn't in the mood for any so I didn't force myself to.

Got busy and realized I should probably eat something for dinner at some point. I am seriously not feeling like cooking and don't feel like going out to eat. I just need to eat for fuel right now, not the enjoyment of any glorious meals so I threw together a carb and a protein.

Meal 5 ( 7 pm)- 6 roasted garlic triscuits topped each w/ 1 vegetarian meatball & shredded parmesan cheese broiled in the toaster oven...actually pretty tasty and hit the spot....better than the soggy meatball sub I could have had...I have to have some crunch! Munched on a few triscuits w/ a couple tbsp. hummus while these heated up.

Ok day eating. I wasn't into my food too much today if you couldn't tell. I always feel better when I have at least one huge salad with a big variety of veggies! I know I'll be running around this weekend, but getting in lots of fresh veggies in my goal for the weekend. Going to start making salads to go right now... :-D

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