Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Livestrong Day!


For those of you who didn't know, Friday Oct. 2nd was Livestrong Day...If you didn't do it this year, make sure you wear yellow in support of cancer survivors everywhere next year! It was also Lee National Denim Day for breast cancer support. I wore both!

One of the most important things we can all do is to give back to our community, especially if the cause is one that has a great deal of personal meaning to us. I am extremely blessed to be able to donate time to Livestrong each week. I couldn't ask for a more outstanding organization to be a part of! I know that I am a dork for this, but I've gotten teary eyed more than once while doing the most simple of tasks while there...I do whatever they need help with...but I know deep down in my heart that it ultimately makes a HUGE difference in the lives of thousands and thousands of people in some way, shape, or form. I love it!!! Every time I go there I feel like my mom and dad are watching and sending a big hug down to me:-D
Pre-Workout (6 am)- EAS Catapult

Meal 1 (8 am)- EAS Muscle Armor + Whey Protein Isolate + 1 slice Ezekiel toast w/20 sprays fat free Parkay butter spray + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM

Meal 2 (11 am)- Protein Yamcakes + 1/4 cup sugar free maple syrup- Had extras to go (just nuked them in the microwave 1 minute, and they were causing quite a buzz in the office...I guess they smelled good?...he he)
Meal 3 (2 pm)- 5 hard boiled egg whites (yolks removed) + 1/2 tbsp. tomato basil organic hummus in each (5 tbsp. hummus total)

If you are ever want to make deviled eggs with a twist, these are completely CHOLESTEROL FREE! ..compared to about 1075 mg. of cholesterol that would have been in 5 eggs (most eggs have around 215 mg. cholesterol each)!...I don't really remember the last time I have eaten an egg yolk. Yes, they have a bunch of amino acids, but I think I have that area covered with the BCAA's in all the protein shakes and also the aa's in all this soy I've been eating!
Meal 4 (not pictured)- Free Meal: chips, salsa & queso- My excuse is that is was absolutely gorgeous outside and the only place to eat outside while we were shopping for Halloween costumes was a sports bar with absolutely nothing healthy and vegetarian on the was either this or fried mozarella sticks (yep that's my story and I'm sticking to IS the truth though;)

Finally stopped at a new Farmer's Market store to check out what they had. One of my favorite ice creams of all time is Rice Dream....SO GOOD! I flipped when I saw they carry mint & carob chip flavor and HAD to buy it for dessert! At 1/2 pint and about 1/2 cup carob covered yummy! This stuff tasted like REAL mint, not the fake green kind in most ice far as ice creams go....this is the bomb diggity!

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