Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hamster Wheels and Gym Zombies

I can honestly say it's been a while since I've gotten sore from a LBWO within hours of working out. I completely kicked my own arse in the gym this morning. I think the people in the gym think I am a complete crazy person by now, but I don't care. It's ALL about the intensity! I am probably louder than I even think because I am wearing headphones too. However, I am at least doing things in the gym that are just products of working out, like sweating, groaning in agony, and breathing heavily...I have an excuse. I still haven't figured out what is going on with this lady that waves her arms and sings gospel on the bike, or the other woman who does this Y-M-C-A looking dance in there. he he I think it's great to see people of all types in there, because at least they are working out and not down the street going to one of two McDonald's that are directly across the street from each other. Yes, I live in McDonald's is clearly not enough for a two lane road that is among cow fields. I am going to take a pic of the cows next to McDonald's...what an oxymoron! ha ha!

But back to the gym...Sometimes I feel like I am part of a strange movie being filmed in the gym. Do you ever feel like you are in a movie? Hubby and I have this running joke when we feel like we are experiencing a strange moment in time....we'll look at each other and one of us will say, "Is this for real right now?!" Then the other will say, "It's happening. This is really happening" We die laughing every time. I swear sometimes that the show Candid Camera has made a comeback and they are following me!

I am probably one of the biggest gym rats in there, but sometimes I feel like the treadmills are like hamster wheels and we are all part of a big experiment or something. Probably because most of the people aren't really changing the pace and most others are just "going through the motions" on the's like they are zombies sometimes! Man I do not miss spending hours on end in the gym with no results. I used to be one of those gym zombies....never going back there.....ever again! Can I get a hallelujah? And how about some arms waving and some gospel to go along with it?;)

Pre-Workout (6 am)- EAS Catapult

Meal 1 (8:15 am)- EAS Muscle Armor + Whey Protein Isolate + 1/2 sweet potato w/10 sprays Parkay fat free butter spray & cinnamon (just pick it up and eat it with the skin and all)...super fast on the fly breakfast + multivitamin & 2 glucosamine/MSM
Meal 2 (10:30 am)- Myoplex banana cream RTD
Meal 3 ( 1:15 pm)- Rosemary La Tortilla Factory tortilla + tons of spinach, zuccini, mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers, red onions + 1/4 cup low fat feta cheese + 1 tbsp. reduced fat grated parmesan, salt & pepper....not sure why this was soggier than yesterday's...maybe the Rosemary doesn't get as crispy as the Whole Wheat tortillas? Was still yummy! Meal 4 (4:15 pm)- Wild Rice Tempeh cooked in evoo & reduced sodium soy sauce + 1/2 plate steamed broccoli w/20 sprays fat free parkay butter spray, salt & pepper...I still really LOVE tempeh...too bad it is so freaking high in fat...I really do not like the fat content of this stuff. It would be worth it if it filled me up for a long time, but it really does not. I could eat the whole package easily (this is 1/2 of the package).

Meal 5 ( 7 pm)- 3/4 cup fat free cottage cheese + 1 diced gala apple


  1. hallelujah!! AMEN! (Arms waving wildly). :)

  2. ha ha! Seriously, I need to video tape the shennanigans going on in there!